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If you can't return to campus during this challenging time, don't fret. We'll pack your items for you. 

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Stow Simple will pick up and store (or ship) your items. All storage is climate-controlled. 

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Your perfectly packed items will be delivered to your new dorm or apartment next term. 

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Your NEAT Method organizer will FaceTime or chat with you during your appointment.

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Stow Simple + NEAT Method


Limited Spots Available

About Us

Stow Simple

We're a brother and sister team on a mission to make storage easy. We're proud to have serviced University of Miami students since 2015 with convenient storage that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Jorge and Silvia Camps

NEAT Method

NEAT Method is a lifestyle service committed to transforming spaces from chaotic to composed. With locations across the US and Canada, our team of trained organizers will approach packing up your dorm room with the same order and efficiency that our clients have come to expect from us everyday.

We're professional organizers and problem solvers. Packing services are $250 and include: 

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Packing Services

Organizing and packing clothing/shoes

Packing of bed sheets/linens

Gathering and packing dorm decor

Packing of miscellaneous items

5 Double Wall Boxes (24"X16"x18") + tape

Cleaning and/or disposal of select items

Labeling items for storage or shipping

2 hours of service

* Limited spots available

Thank you for your interest. Due to high demand, we no longer have packing spots available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is packing and storage?

Our basic storage is $205 or $41 per box. Pricing for large items varies by the size of the item(s). Price includes climate-controlled storage and in-window redelivery to UM. 

Can you ship items that don't fit in boxes?

We are unable to ship large items that can not be stowed inside our Stow Simple boxes (24"x16"x18"). We are able to store these large items. Storage pricing can be found at:

Can I ship some items and store others?

Yes. If you want to combine shipping and storage we will do our best to arrange. Only items in our standard Stow Simple box can be shipped. There is an additional cost for coordinating this service and transporting items to both storage and UPS. Storage is subject to a $205 storage min.

How much does it cost to ship a box home?

Domestic shipment of a 24"x16"x18" box via UPS varies by destination location. UPS informs us that domestic shipping in the 48 contiguous states, varies between $45-$65 per box. If you choose to store your box instead, box storage is $41 per box. 

What if I need more than 5 boxes?

Our primary packaging service includes 5 double-wall boxes. Additional boxes are available for $7 each.  

What if I can't remember everything to pack?

While it's best if we can plan ahead and know key items you want packed, your NEAT Method organizer will FaceTime or call you during your appointment to ensure we pack everything you need. 

I left my TV, will you pack and store it for me?

Yes. Our teams can bring a TV box to securely pack your TV so it is safe to transport. Our TV boxes fit up to a 60" TV and are $30 to purchase.

Will you dispose of items?

If items can be disposed of easily at the residence hall, we are happy to do so during your appointment window. Please list any items you want us to dispose of in your packaging intake form so there is a written record of your request. 

Packing Intake Form

Thank you for your interest. Due to high demand, we no longer have packing spots available at this time.

(888) 544-6050

Thank you for your interest. Due to high demand, we no longer have packing spots available at this time.